On ne parle pas souvent de jeux vidéo dans les Technos. Pourtant aujourd’hui Bruno nous présente une petite console portable la GPD XD avec comme destination le retro gaming le tout sous Android. Bonne écoute !



  1. Retro gaming: Sinclair lance le ZX Spectrum Vega+.

    « Like the last ZX Spectrum Vega, the handheld Vega+ will be sold for around £100, and because all the games are free, that’s all you’ll ever need to spend on it. »

    All furnished games are licenced (more than 1000). It brings the cost per licenced game at 0.1 euros / game. 1/10 of the price of a game on itune or playstore without the need of buying a pad and installing the required hacks, and not the least, all the free ROMs available from sites like:


    Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo etc. will have to adapt !


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